Welcome to the Celebration of Native MS Conference 2019! We are delighted to welcome everyone to Oxford for this special gathering of the native MS community.

This 2 day meeting will bring together the burgeoning number of Native MS practitioners and developers from across Europe. Six varied sessions ranging from biotherapeutics to membrane proteins, drug binding and gas phase structure will enable us to explore all aspects of native MS and showcase its application in both academic and pharmaceutical settings.

We hope you will be able to join us under the dreaming spires for an exciting programme of talks and opportunities to enjoy this beautiful city!

Confirmed Speakers & Session Chairs Include

  • Carol Robinson – University of Oxford
  • Albert Heck  – Utrecht University
  • Perdita Barran  – University of Manchester
  • Michal Sharon  – Weizmann Institute
  • Rebecca Burnley – UCB
  • Iain Campuzno – Amgen
  • Argyris Politis – King’s College London
  • Carla Schmidt – Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
  • Frank Sobott – University of Leeds
  • Neil Oldham – Univeristy of Nottingham
  • Erik Marklund – Uppsala Univeristy
  • Valérie Gabelica – Université de Bordeaux
  • Peter O’Connor – University of Warwick
  • Julia Chamot-Rooke – Institut Pasteur
  • Idlir Liko – Omass Therapeutics
  • Rosa Viner – Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Dale Cooper-Shepherd – Waters
  • Matthias Langhorst – Refeyn

Conference Generously Sponsored by

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and supported by

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